Transbiologist Manifesto

1) The world will radically be changed by the technology. The world has already been changed by technology, with good and evil. We can now speak to each other from anywhere in the world, cure most illness; we radically increased our lifespan and we shall increase it even more in the future, we'll artificially improve ourselves; but we're producing waste, we're causing new mass species extinctions, and we're putting the future of Life, and the Earth civilisation in peril.

2) Transbiologists think that, by doing methodical research to understand these future changes, as well as researches on what is causing these changes, we could promote the good use of these technologies, and reduce the impact of the misuses, and of the collateral harm caused by its good use. On the contrary, being against these research would only worsen the harm done by today's technologies, and would increase the misuse of future technology. Being open to technology and prone to changes, we'd make technology and changes, beneficial for everyone.

3) Transbiologism sermon puts these goals in life: liberty, happiness, and knowledge. Transbiologists provide moral rights to those who wants it, to use technology to improve their capacities, to improve control over their own life. Transbiologists sermon the way to always choose solutions which provide optimum liberty, as well socially or biologically, and which serve at most, the cumulated knowledge of all living being.

4) Transbiologists see nature with compassion. They only see individual lives with the need to kill each other to survive, spending their time hunting and being hunted, to ultimately die by disease or hunting. Transbiologists don't see here a world that can welcome true happiness, and are saddened to see animals suffering in this survival struggle.

5) Transbiologists sermon, for this motive, the research of technologies that would enable animals to acquire human capacities, like speech, understanding of complicated concepts, as well as the ability to live without killing, and without the fear to be killed, or dying. Transbiologists hope to be able to grant the same rights and obligations to animals and humans, in a civilisation including all species.

6) Transbiologism appeal to liberty, to the right of wellbeing, of happiness, of knowledge, and to live a life as long as desired, and thus, to all humans, post-humans, artificial beings, and animals. Transbiologism doesn't support any politician, party nor political platform, excepted those who bear the same intension as transbiologists.

7) Transbiologists claim a large liberty of choice as for the possibilities of individual improvement. Each individual should have the choice on the improvements he'd like to have, and should be able to choose to not be improved at all. Each individual should have the ability to change at will : gender, race, or species, and even mixed species.

8) Transbiologists supports researches about the conservation of existing species, recreation of extinguished species, and creation of brand new species, in an harmonious biodiversity design.

written by Bourbon Benoit, who prefers the name Who and nicknamed the Tree and Herljos Scheindorf... HyƦru! --~~~~ relayed and sustained by the FTSL foundation --~~~~

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